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73 Back on the Saddle

This is a combo episode with two different recordings, one from 2019 where I thought I was going to restart this podcast and one from today where I think I did.

72 Ben Ilegbodu

Ben currently leads and manages Eventbrite’s Frontend Platform team. On the side, he also enjoys playing basketball, DIY, watching movies, and blogging / tweeting about his experiences with new web technologies.

71 Latish Sehgal

Latish is an avid learner and productivity geek. He works as a Principal Software Engineer for a startup in Dallas, TX. He also created SqlSmash, a productivity plugin for developers.

70 Ryan Florence

Co-author React Router, Co-owner ReactJS Training. JavaScript thought-haver. Junior Developer for Life.

69 Tony Winn

Tony is a developer living in Ybor City, Fl. He's passionate about remote work, pair programming and fostering community.

68 Craig Clayton

Founder and CEO of Cocoa Academy. Sr. iOS developer, Author (soon to be) and entrepreneur.

67 JAMstack Radio

Started a new podcast called JAMstack Radio, a new podcast that discusses the JAMstack, a new way to build fast and secure apps or websites. In this first episode, Brian is joined by Aaron Autrand, and Christian Schlensker to discuss the JAMstack and some of it’s best applications.

66 David Molina from Operation Code

An accomplished military officer, entrepreneur, and self-taught developer, David is the Founder & Executive Director of Operation Code, a coding 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps military, veterans and their families learn to code.

65 Corey Grusden

Corey started programming at the age of 8 on a x80286 with BASIC, then working on LMS' for the ARMY/NAVY, and then landing on growing a company that builds software for companies of all shapes and sizes.

64 Kaanon Macfarlane

Kaanon is a software engineer, husband, and father in the Bay Area. He focuses on web technologies and delivering meaningful user interfaces.