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Developing stories about developers

62 Jay Miller

Host of Productivity in Tech and passionate code slinger, Jay Miller, share's his story how he got his love for coding and how he shares it with the community.

61 Sergio Cruz

Sergio is an application developer out of Orlando, FL who is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. When he is not typing code at Code School, you may find him speaking at different events about topics he's learned recently.

60 James Michiemo

Orlando programmer James Michiemo shares his story of how he got into developing and what he is doing now.

59 Lex Alexander

Lex is a software developer and standup comedian in LA.

58 Aimee Knight

Former figure skater and current JavaScript programmer Aimee Knight comes on to share her developing story.

57 Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas is a Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer helping companies make more money.

56 Kent C Dodds

Mormon, Husband, Father, Speaker, Trainer, Open Sourcerer, and Google Developer Expert (GDE) who uses and talks about JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS at PayPal, Egghead, and on JavaScriptAir and React30

55 Another New Job

I take 14mins and talk about how I got a new job

54 Matt Biilmann from Netlify

Matt Biilmann is the founder of Netlify. Before that he started Webpop and BitBalloon, and worked as the CTO of Domestika.

53 Team Bloc and the State of Code

I talk with 3 members of the Bloc Engineering team about code, Jason Norris, Megan Marquardt, and Joe Lipper.