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Developing stories about developers

52 Phil Spitler

Phil Spitler is a self-taught programming language agnostic who believes code maintainability is the most important technical factor in a project's long-term success. He enjoys helping others learn to code, electronic music production and sound design.

Phil will be giving a talk at Ruby RemoteConf in June, so check it out in the links below.

51 Bobbilee Hartman

In this episode I sit down with ruby developer and mentor, Bobbilee Hartman and chat about her passionate to teach others as well her experiences as a developer and continual learning.

Update: Rails Camp is coming August 26-29th and you can sign up here

50 Kelly Mason

Kelly Mason is a Bloc employee who just completed her Bloc course. In this episode we talk about her experience learning how to code at a company that teaches people how to code.

49 Azer Koculo

Azer is the original creator of the small library left-pad as well as a talented photographer and blogger. In this episode I find out how Azer got into programming and what he enjoys doing when he is not.

48 Mark Carpenter and the Alexa Project

Bloc recently announced their partnership with Amazon and I have the individual who organized the efforts. In this podcast we chat about Mark's interest in the Amazon Echo and how he got into programming.

React Native Radio

Last Month I was on the React Native Radio podcast.

The whole point of my podcast is to share my developing story and I truly amazed on how much I have accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Please enjoy and listen to my interview with panel, as well as subscribe for future episodes.

Here is the talk I gave that led to this podcast interview:

47 Tina Lee From MotherCoders

In this episode I talk with Tine Lee from MotherCoders, a tech orientation program that provides on-site childcare for mothers who want to learn basic coding, gain a deeper understanding of the technology landscape, and network with peers and industry professionals.

46 Kevin Burke

This episode I sit down with Kevin Burke from Shyp and talk about his path to becoming a developer.

45 Christina Foran

Hackbright Alum and Associate Developer at Slack chats with me about her experience learning how to code.

44 Christian Schlensker

I interview Bloc's first engineering hire, Christian Schlensker, and get to find out about his exceptional Developing Story